Tach-It Cable Ties, Beaded Ties and EZ Twist Locks

These versatile fasteners are made of nylon and are U.L. Recognized.
Tach-It Cable Ties can be used in countless applications wherever you need to bundle wires, cables, or hoses. 
They tie bundle diameters up to 16 inches (can be joined together for even larger diameters) are available in lengths from 3 to 48 and have minimum loop tensile strengths from 18 to 250 pounds. Standard colors, fluorescent colors, U.V. protection, and heat stabilized styles are available.
For applications that require a removable and reusable closure our Tach-It Beaded Ties are perfect.  
Available in lengths from 4 to 10 these ties are easily applied, removed and reused.
Tach-It EZ Twist lock U.L. recognized bundling ties offer a fast, economical way to securely position and hold wires, cables, tubes or bags.  A single twist of the fingers lock the bundle together.  Another twist will open the lock to add or remove wires to the bundle or to remove the tie. No tools are required, and the ties are reusable. read more ....

EZ Twist Locks
Tach-It Cable Ties
Beaded Ties

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